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Organizational Development

The Right Way To Manage ®
A global and comprehensive way to identify, quantify and eliminate the waste in organizations. >> Download info sheet

Identifying and Quantifying the Waste
A specific methodology for immediately applying The Right Way To Manage® and start identifying macro waste in the organization. >> Download info sheet

Leading in a VUCA World
VUCA provides us both with a danger and an opportunity: to learn new skills in order for leaders to make a better future for our organizations and our people. >> Download info sheet

Change Management
A practical method (Kotter Model) for managing and leading changes at all levels in the organization, process and people wise. >> Download info sheet

Project Management
A practical method (PMI’s Nine Knowledge Areas) for leading small, medium and large size projects. >> Download Info Sheet

A full process (the DNA of Innovation) for generating innovative ideas and put them into practice. >> Download Info Sheet

Leadership & Management

The 7 Wonders of Great Leaders™
A global and specific framework for understanding and mastering the 7 key activities of any great leader.

>> Download info sheet

>> Download Sample 180° Profile 

Your assessment graph in 3D !

Your assessment graph in 3D !

The 7 Wonders of Great Leaders™ & DiSC® Social Styles
A detailed approach for combining key leader activities and the social style of the people being lead. >> Download info sheet

Fly Your Business

An incredible number of business are launched without carefully (as it was “life threatening”) considering the following:

  • Studying precisely the macro- and micro market in which they will operate.
  • Understanding profoundly what kind of business people will operate.
  • Mastering clearly how the internal processes of the business will operate.
  • Providing demonstrated competences to employees before they will operate

>> Download info sheet

Developing Teams
A full methodology for developing teams and prepare the needed agreements within the team to ensure a good start, a rapid growth and sustained high level results. >> Download info sheet

Personal Development

Conflict Management
The mastery of 5 key strategies for solving conflicts using the Thomas & Kilmann instrument. >> Download info sheet

DiSC® Social Styles
Understanding and adapting to different styles preferences according to the environment. >> Download info sheet

MBTI® Personalities Understanding
Understanding the personality preferences for self-knowledge and self-improvement. >> Download info sheet

Presentation Skills
Preparing, practicing and delivering an effective and impactful presentation in front of 5 or 5000 people. Document currently being prepared – Please contact us for details

Assertiveness & Empathy
During the negotiation, the conflict resolution, the tactical selling and any interactions with the outside world, the ability to show empathy and to be assertive is crucial in order to succeed. These abilities are like the two sides of the same coin, inseparable in order to improve results. Document currently being prepared – Please contact us for details

Wisdom of Emotions
From time to time, feeling angry, sad, anxious, surprised, disgusted, or happy, etc., at work or outside of work, falls within the daily routine. But when our emotions escape from our control, reach others and cause damages, we all bear the consequences. As the price to pay is always precious, we have to act. Document currently being prepared – Please contact us for details

Making best use of Time, Priorities & Space
Call us to save time!.. Document currently being prepared – Please contact us for details

Sales Effectiveness

Benefit Selling
Structuring the tactical sales speech when facing the customer. >> Download Info sheet

Benefit Selling & Social Styles
Structuring the tactical sales speech when facing the customer and taking his/her social profile into account.  >> Download Info sheet

Reasonable Negotiation
“Each time we need the cooperation of others to reach our objectives and answer our needs, we have to negotiate” (Leigh L.Thompson). So, we may consider using these crucial abilities not only at work but also on the private level. However, they often seem to be under-estimated, neglected, or even, ignored.  Document currently being prepared – Please contact us for details

Selling in Complex Environments
Preparing the strategic plan before and after facing the client for influencing key players in the sales process. >> Download info sheet





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