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Consulting & Coaching

MGA-Conway Coaches and Consultants provide the personalized, customized support that is most often required to help organizations move from the education phase to the “implementation” phase.
This type of support is often essential for getting your business-improvement effort up-and-running as quickly and efficiently as possible – and for sustaining improvements at critical points along the way by maximizing the transfer of knowledge and skills. We also provide individual coaching and mentoring for managers and executives to help them develop into effective leaders.


As a CEO or HR Executive, you face new challenges every day. One challenge, however, always remains the same: how to turn your talent assets and organizational platform into added value in order to deliver better business results and performance?

At MGA-Conway we will help optimize your Training for Performance, starting from your company’s vision, strategic goals and insights, guiding you through the process of identifying analyzing and addressing your training needs. We will increase your company’s business results and people satisfaction with thus a strong focus on your company and the individuals..

We do customize our interventions at different levels:

  • Content: specific topics adaptation to your specific needs while keeping the global value of our proven models;
  • Method: including particular training methods according to your needs, while keeping our unique animation competences;
  • Timing: from half day to several days according to your situation, while presenting you our best solution to maximize impact;
  • Languages: English, French, Dutch and Chinese available in house.

Virtual delivery

Our virtual delivery solutions services are scaled to your needs, with reach wherever you work. We deliver tailor made solutions, taking your specific business virtual situation into account.

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Take advantage of our Licensee program for The 7 Wonders of Great Leaders™. Deliver adapted training sessions to your clients or your colleagues.

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