About Us


Who we are ?

MGA-Conway is a Belgian company specialized in the development of People and Processes.

1983 Foundation of Conway Management in USA and MGA-Conway in UK

1994 First Partnerships of Guy Vandenberge with MGA-Conway in UK

2008 Foundation of MGA-Conway Europe based in Belgium (Powered by Heading SRL)

2017 Official partner of Wiley & Sons Inc.


To be perceived by our clients and stakeholders as a valuable partner to develop their businesses and their people.

The feedback we receive from our clients is the information we get. It tells us that we go in the right direction towards our vision. We consider clients as the prescribers of our assignments. We consider stakeholders all the people receiving directly the value of our solutions and products.

We are driven by the constant engagement to deliver solutions and products containing a value greater than the Price our clients pay for.

For us, the supplier – customer relationship leads to a real partnership. We put ourselves deep in the situation of our clients for maximising our impact.

We develop businesses by improving constantly the way our clients do operate on a daily basis. We develop people providing the tools and behavioral techniques that will make them succeed and reach high levels of performance.


Our mission is to help people at all levels build better businesses.

« Better » means to reach the purpose that people and processes do seek. In order to do this, we bridge the gap between how people and processes do perform and the goal that they would or should reach.

We do this because we strongly believe in improvement, both for people and processes.

We are delivering modern solutions to behavioral and operational problems that organisations do live every day.


Novelty: you benefit from the last techniques available or developed in-house

Satisfaction: your satisfaction is our satisfaction

Win-Win: we grow thanks to your trust towards our solutions adapted to your needs

Experience : you benefit from our cumulated experience

Satisfaction survey


To which extend do we provide innovation solutions?
To which extent are proposals modern ?


To which extend do you appreciate the experience of our team?
To which extend do you appreciate the material provided (manuals, reminders, profiles, ...)?


To which extend is MGA-Conway a trusted partner?
To which extend do we answer your business needs?


To which extend do you perceive the added value of our solutions?
To which extend do we provide a planning of interventions adapted to your needs?

Our top 3

MGA-Conway is a trusted partner

We answer your business needs

You appreciate the experience of our team

Global & Local

  • Conway Management (US)
  • MGA-Conway (Europe)
  • Conway Management Representative (Canada)


– Core Team –

Guy Vandenberge


Marie Comeliau

& Customer Support


We collaborate directly with a network of seasoned consultants in order to provide our customer with state of the art methodologies and benefit from decades of experience.

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